Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Mouse in Santa Fe

The Saturday after Black Friday
finally arrived!
It was time for a trip to Santa Fe!There were many sights to see,
sculptures and shopping and more!
The burro with a pack of fire wood
was a nod to history,
when men walked the narrow streets of Santa Fe
selling wood to cook and heat homes.
Down by the plaza,
a love of all things stuffed led us to a toy store,
where we were greeted by a pack of Ugly Dolls

Including Secret Mission Ice Bat and Cozy Monster!

Further down the street, we did more window shopping.
Look at the drums, and Pendleton blankets,
and Santa Fe t-shirts!

Firefighters came with a new truck and old,
and who sat up front,
but Santa Claus himself!

For a charity donation, Timothy got the best deal of the day,
A photo with Santa!

Can you say "Cheese?"

But there was still more to see...

The plaza was a bustle!

And St. Francis Cathedral was busy, too!

The shops and side streets were ready for holiday shopping.

The Native Arists and Craftsmen sold their wares under the portal
at the Palace of the Governors, just as they always do.

Then, we found the perfect Christmas decoration
for a little mouse

To wish everyone again

A Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If You Take a Mouse to School....

If you take a mouse to school... he'll use your rare, mint in box,
discontinued 10 year old collector crayons!

(no crayons were harmed
in the making of this blog entry)

If You Give Mouse a Cookie...

If you give a mouse a cookie... he'll nibble on your dessert!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Leaves

Saturday Afternoon!
Fall temperatures are dropping,
but there are a few warm moments in the afternoon.
Timothy found a perfect moment after lunch
to feel the sun and play in the leaves.

Peak a boo!!!!

A Mouse at School

Timothy arrived in New Mexico on Monday, November 8th.
He arrived a day earlier than we expected,
but we were quite happy to see him.
He greeted his kin from the Craggy Moor
and made friends with a bear who was just his size.
The bear had clothes to spare and share,
so he immediately got to playing
"Goldilocks and the 3 Overalls".
This pair was too big...
This pair was the wrong color...
And this pair would be just right with a few adjustments....
He woke up before 5am, insisting on tailoring the blue denim overalls
to a better fit.
He dropped the back seam to leave room for his tail,
moved the velcro closure on the back,
and decided to take off the Boyds label.
Well, after he had done so much work to make himself presentable,
I couldn't very well leave him at home.
Tuesday became "Take Your Mouse to Work" Day.
A classroom is a good place for a mouse to play!
He enjoyed seeing the fall playground
right before the students came out to play.
He decided it was too cold to stay out much longer himself, though.
We went inside, and he put the number on the calendar.

And then met some of our classroom friends...
M is for Monkey and Mouse!

Having been warned by the coyote about children who grab stuffies,
he hid in the cabinet while the students were in the room.
All that cold, paper and dust in the cabinet made him a little stuffy!

He came out at the end of the day to see his photos on Flickr.
Does anybody like me?
Hello, new friends!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Timothy Pantrymouse

This is Timothy Pantrymouse
who traveled a long way to be with us.
He came in from the fields of Ohio in the late fall,
where he was later found in the kitchen pantry
of one large family of critter kin.
Seems there had been a sign pointing them in that direction, too.
Timothy was so darn cute, they gave him the option of staying,
but he decided that he wanted to roam and travel beyond the pantry.
He heard of our family,
with 8 kin already in residence,
and the propensity to take the ones who like to travel
out into the world on adventures.
It sounded like just the place for him to be!
However, he soon learned that being a city mouse
meant something different than being a country mouse,
and that he would have to learn to survive without the pantry,
or the home cooked family meals.