Friday, November 12, 2010

Timothy Pantrymouse

This is Timothy Pantrymouse
who traveled a long way to be with us.
He came in from the fields of Ohio in the late fall,
where he was later found in the kitchen pantry
of one large family of critter kin.
Seems there had been a sign pointing them in that direction, too.
Timothy was so darn cute, they gave him the option of staying,
but he decided that he wanted to roam and travel beyond the pantry.
He heard of our family,
with 8 kin already in residence,
and the propensity to take the ones who like to travel
out into the world on adventures.
It sounded like just the place for him to be!
However, he soon learned that being a city mouse
meant something different than being a country mouse,
and that he would have to learn to survive without the pantry,
or the home cooked family meals.

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